Who's the most iconic pinup girl?

When it comes to iconic pinup girls, there are plenty of contenders for the title of "most iconic." From the classic glamour of the 1940s to the modern and edgy looks of today, there have been countless beautiful and influential women who have embodied the pinup style. But if we had to choose just one, who would it be?

One possibility could be Betty Grable, whose pinup photo in a bathing suit became one of the best-selling posters in history. Grable was a major Hollywood star in the 1940s and 1950s, and her pinup was especially popular among soldiers during World War II. With her blonde curls, sparkling smile, and famously long legs, Grable embodied the classic pinup look and was a beloved icon of the era.

Another contender could be Marilyn Monroe, whose sultry gaze and platinum blonde curls made her a household name in the 1950s. Monroe's pinup images were some of the most popular of the era, and she remains one of the most recognizable and enduring symbols of the pinup style.

But if we had to choose just one, our pick would be Bettie Page. Page was a model and actress in the 1950s who is often credited with popularizing the pinup style. With her jet black hair, piercing blue eyes, and sultry gaze, Page was a pioneer of the pinup look and a true icon.

One of the things that makes Page so iconic is the fact that she was ahead of her time. While most pinups of the 1950s were depicted as sweet and wholesome, Page was known for her edgier, more provocative photos. She posed in lingerie, bikinis, and even bondage gear, and her images were often considered risqué for their time.

But it wasn't just Page's looks that made her an icon - it was also her personality. Page was known for her independence and her refusal to conform to societal expectations. She was a rebel who paved the way for future generations of women to embrace their own beauty and sexuality.

Today, Page's influence can still be seen in the pinup style. Many modern pinup models and enthusiasts cite her as an inspiration, and her images continue to be popular among collectors and fans of vintage erotica.

So there you have it - in our opinion, Bettie Page is the most iconic pinup girl of all time. Her striking beauty, edgy style, and rebellious personality make her a true trailblazer and a timeless icon.

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