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Custom Just Like A Pin-Up Digital Portrait - Sandra

Custom Just Like A Pin-Up Digital Portrait - Sandra

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"Sailor Sandra" is a playful and alluring American sailor pin-up, customized to embody the spirit of adventure with a touch of vintage charm. This delightful artwork portrays Sandra, a captivating sailor, in a classic pin-up style.
Sandra's vibrant personality shines through her confident smile and radiant presence. With her customizable features, you can personalize her appearance to match your desired likeness, including hair color, style, and length, as well as eye color and facial features. Choose a uniform design that resonates with your preferences, whether it be a traditional navy-inspired outfit or a modern twist on a sailor's attire.
The artwork captures Sandra in a dynamic pose, exuding energy and grace. The background can be tailored to your liking, whether it's a coastal scene with rolling waves or a nautical setting that evokes a sense of adventure on the open waters.
"Sailor Sandra" encapsulates the timeless allure of pin-up art while offering a unique opportunity for customization. Celebrate your individuality and embrace the charm of the high seas with this personalized American sailor pin-up, where Sandra becomes your embodiment of adventure and style.

Portrait Creation Process

Step 1: Choose your pose from one of our featured girls. All girls are named under their picture. All poses and clothing will stay the same. For best results, upload pictures of your face that match the angle of your chosen pose. You can also add comments for our artist if you have any identifying characteristics you don’t want them to miss. Example: hair color, hair style, tattoo's, skin tone, eye color…

Step 2: After our artists create your personalized portrait, you will receive an email link to view your proof of the design.

Step 3: Once your portrait has been approved, you will receive a final high quality version of your artwork through an email link. You will also be sent information via email on how to order personalized prints directly from us. You can browse some of our selected print items by visiting here.

Tips For a Perfect Portrait


Please do your best to include any and all details as to how you would like to be drawn. For example..."I'm a dark brunette" or "she has a mole above her lip." or "I would like the body shape like mine"...


If your selected pose is a side profile, please do your best to include an uploaded image with the same profile. This ensures we capture all the details correctly to make your portrait perfect!

Got More Questions?

Head over to our FAQ's for the most common questions and answers.

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